Warm water, beautiful desert, friendly people, even a few
Biblical sites thrown in. Get ready for the time of your life in Dahab.

Dahab – The Bedouin Village

All Instructor Courses are conducted at Dahab Divers.

Dahab is a small oasis in the Sinai Peninsula. This beautiful village is 100 km north of Sharm El Sheikh, located directly on the coastline of the Gulf of Aqaba. Biblical tourist sites, like the Moses Mountain and monastery at St. Katherine’s, are just an hour from Dahab. Taking a wander in the desert to see the bizarre canyons around Dahab is also a must.

Dahab is a lively little village with lots of small restaurants and shops, nicely lined up on the seafront between Masbat and Mashraba. Plan to stay a few days after the IDC and come diving with us to see some world-renowned sites like The Canyon & The Blue Hole.

Dahab Divers dive centre

Dahab Divers is a PADI Instructor Development Centre (IDC). This award is only given from PADI for highest quality in teaching up to Instructor level.

The dive centre is located in the Dahab Divers Resort, directly on Dahab’s beach close to the Lighthouse. Here all training dives for the IDC are conducted. We have our own private study area at Dahab Divers. This area includes two fully equipped classrooms with state-of-the-art AV equipment, teaching materials and WIFI. You can learn and study in peace and quiet, but still see daily diving life going on.

Internship at Dahab Divers

We offer an internship after the IDC for our IDC candidates. It can take up to three weeks after the IE until you get your teaching status from PADI. During this time you will get the chance to work together with our experienced team of PADI Instructors to gain experience in teaching the full range of PADI Courses until you are allowed to teach on your own. We offer this service free of charge.

We also can help you with job placement as well as preparing your CV.

Conditions to enter Egypt

It is quite simple to get a visa for Egypt. If you are a citizen of the EU or Switzerland you can buy the visa for around €15 at the airport when you arrive. This looks like a stamp and you need to buy it at the bank counter before the passport control. This visa is called the full visa for whole Egypt and you can easily extend this visa to stay in Egypt for up to 1 year.

If you fly directly into the Sinai and you only plan on visiting Dahab for no longer than 2 weeks, you can ask for the South Sinai visa. This visa is free of charge and you will just get a stamp in your passport. Prerequisite for this is, that your passport is valid for at least a further 3 months.

If you do not have a valid passport, you can enter Egypt with your ID card. For this you need to have a copy of your ID card with you and bring 2 passport photos along.

Money and Currency

The official currency in Egypt is the Egyptian Pound (LE). There are many banks to exchange Euro, US$ or British Pound. You will find, as well, in many places an ATM machine where you can draw money from you account.

Weather and Water

In the Gulf of Aqaba the water temperature is ideal the whole year round. Even during the winter, the water is still 20° C. During summer and autumn it is a lovely 30 °C. A 5mm wet suit is the right choice for most of the year.

If you join us in December or February, you should consider bringing a 7mm wet suit and a hood with you. If you get cold quickly, a hood is always recommended.

As a woman on your own in Egypt

It is no problem at all to travel in Egypt on your own as a woman. Dahab is a tourist destination and the locals are used to seeing foreigners and women in bikinis. It goes without saying, however, that you should be respectful of the culture, as the majority of Egyptians are Muslim.

Elba - The Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea

A legend says that Elba first appeared as a string of pearls. This pearl necklace slipped, from Venus’s neck into the Tyrrhenian Sea – and thus Elba has emerged.

The landscape of Elba is unique to the Mediterranean Sea. There are mountains with very old forests, pristine beaches, small coves and tiny mountain villages.

Our IDC's are held in the south of Elba in Capoliveri Livorno. The conditions there are perfect. Both confined water and open water exercises are carried out in the sea directly in front of our classroom.

The temperatures during our IDC's in early October are ideal. During the day air temperature reaches up to around 24 °C and the sea has perfect temperatures of between 22 and 24 C.

The Mediterranean at its best

For many years Elba has been a nature reserve, and this is quite apparent under water. In addition to large schools of small fish, we also often have barracudas, moray eels and groupers. With a little luck you can even encounter a sunfish.

The underwater landscape is dominated by small caves, tunnels and steep walls. Particularly striking is the very colourful environment under water. In addition to various slugs, there are often large fields of anemones. At some dive sites you even can see red corals. Fields of red Gorgonians can be found at about 30 meter. Wreck diving enthusiasts also come to see a freighter which sunk about 30 years ago and a small underwater plane wreck.

How to reach us

With your own car

Although Elba is an island, you can get here by car. There is a regular car ferry between mainland Italy and Elba operating from 5 am till 10 pm.

The roads on Elba are very well developed, but some parts are quite narrow and winding. Often, however, they offer a magnificent view over the coast.

By air / plane

Elba has its own airport, which is served by small planes from some European cities. There are direct connections from Munich, Friedrichshafen and Zurich. From Berlin, Dusseldorf and Hamburg, there are also good connections, but there are no direct flights.

You can also fly to Pisa. From Pisa there is a train to Piombino, the ferry terminal on the mainland. From here it is only an hour by ferry to Elba.

Tips and tricks

For pedestrians, there is always space on the ferries. If arriving by car, however, it is highly recommended to book the car ferry in advance during the high season.

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