Our IDC will prepare you 100% for the PADI Instructor
Exam and for your teaching career after. You will learn
to become a professional PADI Instructor who can work successfully in the dive industry.

PADI Instructor Examination (IE)

The IE is conducted by experienced examiners sent by PADI. This guarantees an objective evaluation. The IE takes two days and is conducted directly after the IDC.

During the IE you only will repeat what we have worked on together, for the previous twelve days during the IDC. We promise you that there will be no surprises. Our IDC will prepare you 100% for the Instructor Exam.

At the end of the IDC, we will give you a clear recommendation if we think you are ready to attend the IE or not. In the unlikely event we let you know that we think you are not ready, we will invite you for another one of our IDCs at no extra cost. This will give you another chance to prepare for another IE. Ultimately, you will make the final decision whether to attend the IE or not. You only pay the IE fees if you attend the IE.

The four segments of the IE are:

  • Diving Theory and Standards Exam
  • One teaching presentation in the Classroom
  • One teaching presentation in Confined Open Water
  • ne teaching presentation in Open Water

After you successfully pass all parts of the IE, you will be certified as a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor. In the unlikely event you are unsuccessful in one or two segments, it is not a big deal. In this case you can just attend these segments in another IE. In the very unlikely event you would be unsuccessful in three or all four segments, you would need to repeat the whole IE again at another time.

The IE fee and Instructor Application fee has to be paid during the IE directly to PADI, via credit card.

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